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10 Ways to Boost Your Coaching Motivation

Coaching is difficult. The job demands that you have knowledge, skill, patience and a drive to succeed. Most of you have these attributes or you would not be in this career. The stress and demands of the job can, however, drain your energy and enthusiasm. When that happens, how can you boost your motivation?

The article below is from InnerDrive, a mental skills training company


Ways To Boost Your Motivation

  1. Targets – Set yourself a clear, ambitious and accurate target
  2. Think Why – Remind yourself why you are doing this
  3. Improvements – Measure success by how much you’ve improved (not comparing to others)
  4. The Right People – Surround yourself with positive hard working people
  5. Choose – View decisions as active choices, not sacrifices
  6. Enjoy – Find enjoyment in what you are doing
  7. Travel – Embrace the journey, not just the outcome
  8. Break it Down – Focus on your next step. This helps break the challenge down into manageable steps
  9. Challenge Yourself – If the task matches and stretches your ability, you will get immersed in it
  10. Manage that Stress – Some stress is good. Too little and you won’t care, but too much and you may get overwhelmed