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Batting Stance and Grip

In the video below John Mallee, Los Angeles Angels (MLB) Assistant Hitting Coach and hitting coach for the 2016 World Series Championship-winning Chicago Cubs Batting, discusses batting stance and grip.

In terms of grip he teaches hitters to open their hand and place the bat on the pads of their hands. He also hands them turn the hands slightly to off-center them. Coach Mallee also shares the following tip. If you have the players curl their index fingers it will make the bat feel uncomfortable in the back of their hand and therefore they will be more likely to have the bat in their fingertips.

The batting stance is unique, almost like fingerprints, and according to Coach Mallee you should not attempt to change it much unless it is affecting their ability to get in a good hitting position when the stride foot hits the ground.

He offers the following coaching points for proper set up:

1. Knees in-between their feet
2. Level body segments
3. Two eyes at the pitcher
4. Bat in the fingertips
5. Relaxed with rhythm

For a more detailed explanation take a look at the video below.

This clip is just a sample from Coach Mallee’s instructional video. For more information about the full video click: Teaching the Professional Swing with John Mallee

The YouTube video has audio so please make sure that your speakers are turned on.