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Command: Late Launch vs Early Launch

What is command? It’s the ability to execute the pitch that want to make. To hit your location with the movement and speed that you intended.

You could say it is the ability to throw “Good Strikes”

In the video clip below renowned pitching expert/author Ron Wolforth discusses Late Launch vs Early Launch and how it relates to command.

Wolforth is the founder and CEO of Pitching Central and Ron Wolforth’s Texas Baseball Ranch. He considered the world’s leading expert on the objective measurement of pitcher’s performance and movement patterns.

This video is just a sample of his comprehensive coaching course on command. The video course can be found on CoachTube. For more information about the complete program click the link Command Enhancement Program with Ron Wolforth

The YouTube video below has audio so make sure that your speakers are turned on. Click the arrow to play the video


Command Enhancement Program – Early Launch vs. Late Launch from on Vimeo.