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Dynamic Warm-up

Here is a great 5-minute dynamic warm-up,  designed by a certified strength and conditioning coach, that will get your players ready for practice or the weight room.

By Michael Cano, ONEighty Athletics

I wanted to give you a New and Improved 5 minute dynamic warm up so you can get your athletes performing at the Highest Level in the quickest time possible!

Here are a few changes that made a huge IMPACT.

1. We pre-organized our warm-up lines. Having the Varsity in the first 3 lines with the freshman filling in behind. We have anywhere from 80 to 100 kids training. Each one has a spot to line up.(We posted the warm-up lines in the locker room and in front of the gym, this has been HUGE!)

2. To make the warm-up flow better we now Jog back to the starting line and have that group Snap Down and ready for the next exercise. No more back and forth… And I love it! It took me 5:03 to get through these 10 exercises with around 95 kids.

I  use 20 yards. The athlete performs the exercise for 10 yards then sprints 10 yards and then plus jogs back to the start.

Here is the list of exercises that I use.  (See the video below for a demonstration of each exercise)

1.Knee Hug to Lunge

2.High Knees

3.Lateral Power Step (right turn)

4.Lateral Power Step (Left Turn)

5.Walking Hamstring Stretch

6.Butt Kicks

7.Push Up Starts

8.On Butt Get Ups (Right Turn)

9.Sprint to Buzz Feet-Up Down

10.Sprint to Buzz Feet-Up Down

For A Step-By-Step Off-Season Blueprint Click The Link Below…

The YouTube video below has audio, so please make sure that your speakers are on and that you have access to the site.  Note that some schools block access to YouTube