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First to Third Base Running Drill

In the video clip below Coach Steve Nicollerat (Coach Baseball Right) shows you a drill that you can use to teach players how to go from first to third on a hit to right field

This simple drill will help players develop the proper habits needed. Players need to take a curved path towards the second base so they can hit the bag and make a straight line to the third base.

Coach Nicollerat begins by placing a cone some distance from the first base bag. This cone marks the spot were the player would take his lead. He then places cones in a curved path towards second base.

When the coach says go, the players must follow the cones and run from first to third.

Coach Nicollerat has a multitude of resources available to players and coaches at his site Coach Baseball Right including other FREE Base Running Drills

The YouTube video below has audio so please make sure that your speakers are turned on