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Hitting Drills: 3-2-1

Here is a great drill to use to that will elevate your hitter’s concentration get them swinging with purpose.

In the video clip below Jan Weisberg, Birmingham-Southern College Head Coach, demonstrates his 3-2-1 Hitting Drill.

The drill is designed to help his hitters focus on what he feels is important:

  • Hard contact
  • Being on time
  • Being on plane
  • Picking a good pitch to hit

Coach wants his players to hit the ball hard, to the big part of the field (somewhere between the right fielder and the left fielder with the perfect ball flight. He describes the perfect ball flight as a line drive above the infielder’s waist to just over an outfielder’s head.

His drill works like this. The hitter steps into the cage with 3 swings. If they hit the ball hard to the big part of the field they stay at 3 (regardless of the ball flight). If they do not hit it hard or to the big part of the field the go down to 2 swings. If they hit it hard to the big part of the field with perfect flight, they can add a swing. When you reach zero your turn is over. This drill can easily be made into a competitive one with the winner being the player who has the most swings remaining at the end. Coach Weisberg recommends a max of 15 actual swings. So if a player started with 3 swings and if everyone was hard contact to the big part of the field with perfect flight then they would end with a score of 18.

This drill is taken from Coach Weisberg’s instructional DVD. For more information about that DVD click the link Hitting Drills: ‘Be On Plane, Be On Time & Hit Good Pitches Hard’

The YouTube video below has audio so please make sure that your speakers are turned on and that you have access to the site. Note that some schools block access to YouTube

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