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How to Handle Poor Umpire Calls

By Steve Nicollerat

Founder of Coach Baseball Right, Coach Nicollerat spent about 40 years coaching varsity high school baseball, youth baseball teams and camps. He’s also a nationally Master Certified Epstein Hitting Instructor.

One of the most relevant topics in baseball – no matter the level – is how to handle poor umpire calls and keeping sportsmanship and development a top priority. How often does umpire related issues happen to you? It is super easy to let our emotions to get the best of us.

As coaches, we tell our players to have poise and command of your emotions.

Some of the best players have poise and command in the most intense situations. That’s what makes them the best, right? So why wouldn’t we practice what we teach when we handle poor umpire calls?

Lastly and most importantly, remember, that we as coaches and parents have an obligation to be a role model and demonstrate how to act and lead for our kids. That is what Coach Baseball Right is all about.

Take-a-ways on How to Handle Poor Umpire Calls

Umpires are human. We all make mistakes. Usually the umpires at the lower levels are kids. They too are looking at how adults handle their emotions.

Does winning the argument or changing the call really matter in the big picture?

The development of our kids is essential. Lead and teach by your actions as well as your words.

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