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Situational Defense: Bunt Wheel

How will you handle a bunt with runners on first and second? Bunt coverage is just one of many different defensive situations that you must be prepared to handle.

In the video below Kent Jaime, Head Coach at  Kentlake High School, Washington State Coach of the Year(2017) and Founder of the Jaime Baseball Academy, explains his Bunt Wheel situational defense that he uses a lot with runners on first and second. He also address his Bunt Pick defense that he utilizes after running the Bunt Wheel.

This video is just one of several from Coach Jaime’s coaching course found on CoachTube, a great resource for baseball coaches. For information on how to gain access to Coaching Courses from many different great coaches, click the link CoachTube Coaching Courses

The video below has audio, so please make sure that your sound is turned up. Click the arrow to play.