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The Drag Bunt

Good offensive teams demand that the opposing defense is prepared for everything. That includes bunting, not just to move a runner, but for a base hit.  The Drag bunt can be a very important part of your offense.

In the video clip below Chris Hanks, Colorado Mesa University Head Coach; 2014 NCAA DII National Runners-Up, shares with you how he teaches his players (both righties and lefties) how to execute the Drag Bunt.

Coach Hanks explains that he wants his hitters in the back of the box, as this is consistent with his philosophy at all other times. He does not want to change the position in the box and tip the defense that the drag bunt is coming.

He also stresses that he wants as little movement as possible so that the hitter can keep their eyes locked on the pitch. To execute the bunt the hitter should simply drop the barrel of the bat while simultaneously moving his back foot diagonally behind him. This single movement should align the player’s feet with the first base line (almost a sprinters stance pointing down the line). With the feet aligned as such, the barrel should be pointing down the third baseline. The batter should try to see the ball off the bat and then explode out of the box.

From the left side, the hitter will need to move their back foot towards the plate, thus aligning their feet down the first baseline and the barrel down the third baseline.

This clip is just a sample from Coach Hanks’ instructional DVD. For more information about that DVD click the link Small Ball Strategies for Baseball

The YouTube video below has audio, so please make sure that your speakers are turned on and that you have access to the site. Note that some schools block access to YouTube.