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Thumbs Drill for Better Vision

This exercise may be a little difficult at first, but Brian Harrison, head coach at Baldwin Wallace University believes in it and uses it to help his hitters improve their vision. It requires no physical exertion, just focus.

The idea is to train the eyes to be laser focused on an object, like a baseball, in order to better track it and improve your vision. (click on the image for the vision drill).

Coach Harrison shares this drill and many others in his approach to building a complete hitter.  It’0s something he did himself in his last two years in college where he hit a total of 36 home runs and was named All-American while leading his team to the World Series.

Wherever he has coached his teams have become known as offensive powerhouses because of the approach they utilize at the plate. This includes orchestrating the greatest turnaround in NAIA baseball history where his team won 37 games and was ranked in the top 25 in the country in every offensive category over the 3 years he was in charge.  He did similar at the University of Dayton and now has put D3 Baldwin Wallace in the same position.

His approach which he calls The Complete Hitter is – quite simply – the most complete, well-researched product on the market. The tools, resources, techniques and insights have been pulled together over years of experience.

More importantly, from SUCCESSFUL experience.  

This clip was taken from Coach Harrison’s complete course. If you are interested in learning more about that course click the link: The Complete Hitter