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Tomahawk Drill

The Tomahawk Drill is a drill that former Major Leaguer Gary Gaetti uses to help players that not using their top hand or simply not getting the barrel to the ball.

In the video below Coach Gaetti explains that this is a drill that his hitting coach Tony Oliva used with him when he was struggling during his career.

The Tomahawk Drill is a front toss drill in which the ball is flipped high and outside.

The hitter is asked to attempt to pull the ball down the line. While this is not what you would want the player to do in a game, it requires the hitter to use their top in the manner you want them to.

This simple drill might just help your hitter get a better job of getting the barrel to the ball.

The video below has audio so please make sure that your speakers are on. Click the arrow to play the video.

This clip was taken from a complete hitting course.

If you are interested in learning more about the course click the following link: MLB’s Gary Gaetti Hitting Course