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Fastball Strategy: Pitch to Contact

In the major leagues, 71.5 % of fastballs hit in fair territory become outs. This would seem to indicate that contact is a pitchers friend.

In the video clip below Jerry Weinstein, from the Colorado Rockies organization, discusses fastball strategy and the importance of pitching to contact.

Coach Weinstein believes that if contact is made then there is a good chance that you will get an out. In, his opinion, too many young pitchers are afraid of contact and as a result get themselves into trouble and record high pitch counts.

He recommends that a pitcher should adopt the mentality of “On or Out in 3 pitches”. He feels that too often pitchers waste pitches when a head in the count. For example when ahead 0-2 many pitchers waste a pitch or two. The result is they lose their release point and the next thing you know its ball four.

To summarize his opinion, pitchers should go after hitters regardless of the count and they should not be afraid of contact. In the long run, pitching to contact is a good thing.

This clip is just a portion of a complete coaching course on pitching with the fastball. The course can be found on CoachTube and may be accessed by clicking the link Pitching to Win with Your Fastball

Please note that the video below has audio, so make sure that your speakers are on. Click the arrow to play

Pitching to Win With Your Fastball from on Vimeo.